Blue Toes Take Two – The Photo

Of course, I’ve heard the Chinese saying that a picture is worth a thousand words or is it that a picture’s meaning can express ten thousand words? However interpreted, Haydee, my sister-in-law, wants the picture. After reading my post she emailed me saying, “Falta la foto de tus piedecitos con las uñas azulesssssssss.” Translated this says, “It’s missing the picture of your little toes with blueeeeeeee nails.”

Today she gets it. It’s not a great one. It’s hard to see the true beauty of my velvety blue toes, but after many attempts this is the best photo of all the candidates.

In sharing it I also have a confession to make. You see between getting the original blue toes and the posting of my blog about them, I had had another pedicure and had changed the color of my polish. I’m sorry. I am fickle when it comes to nail polish color. I had changed from velvet blue to one called Particulière, a French word meaning “special” or “out of the ordinary.” I had wanted to try it last winter when it was in all the fashion magazines. Who wouldn’t want to try something special, something different, something “Je ne sais quoi.” I looked for it everywhere, but found it no where.

When my husband went on a business trip to Paris, a couple of weeks ago, he stopped by Le Bon Marché to buy me a little present. I had suggested to him that he ask for Particulière by Chanel. When he did, the sales lady looked at him as though he had just arrived from Mars and said, “But Monsieur, that shade has been discontinued.” I don’t know what he said next but whatever it was evoked pity in the woman. “However,” she said, “I happen to still have one small bottle. Would that do?” Of course it would. My husband swooped it up and only cringed slightly when he did the translation between euros and dollars.

I was delighted when out of his suitcase came an ever so small white bag with woven black handles and the famous word, Chanel, emblazoned in black on its sides. In went my hand and out came the small bottle of polish. I was stunned. This was not the gray violet I had seen splashed across the “New This Season” pages but was a ghastly shade of mud. This can’t be it. I studied the bottle. No, it says quite clearly Particulière This is it. Although disappointed, I smiled in thanks and vowed to try it.

At the nail salon, I was as usual delighted with the scrubbing cutting, filing, and massaging. When it was time for the polish, I offered my bottle of Particulière saying quickly before the pedicurist could react, “It was a gift, so I feel compelled to try it. But, I’m not sure.” She looked at the bottle. “It’s good. Let’s see it on one toe. OK?”

“OK, let’s see.”

She deftly painted the big toe nail on my left foot. “I like it,” she exclaimed.

I wasn’t so sure and began to wonder if “I like it,” was her standard reply to whatever color her client wanted. It did have a violety, brown-gray cast to it. The young woman seated next to me looked over. “I like it too,” she said. Others also looked and chimed in. Everyone approved.

“OK,” I said, “Particulière it is.”

Now, I realize I have no picture of my toes dressed in Particulière. But I do have one of my thumb nail as evidence. Here it is. Truly out of the ordinary.

All original content copyright 2010 Mary E. Slocum


One response to “Blue Toes Take Two – The Photo

  1. Mary… veo el azul profundo que me imagine. Que pasó ???

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